Ferragudo, fishing village full of activity
You might expect a sleepy whole from a modest fishing village surrounded by the more famous resorts such as Lagos, Portimão and Carveiro. But Ferragudo is alive and well! It all happens between the quay, the village square and the church. And as a visitor you can be part of it for a while.

Ferragudo, like its neighbor Portimão, is located on the Rio Arade, but on the eastern bank. With the advent of tourism, the rich social life of the approximately 2,000 inhabitants has not disappeared. On the contrary, it is very cozy in this characteristic fishing village.

The atmosphere at the harbor is also pleasant. There is a daily activity of fishermen who offer their fresh catch to the traders on the quay. Also visit the church, Igreja de Ferragudo. For that you have to conquer some stairs because it is against a hill. Once at the top you see the gem and everyone does the same: take beautiful pictures. On the way you walk through narrow alleys in the old part of the city. Laundry hangs on the walls to dry. The many white houses define the charming street scene here.

High terrace density in Ferragudo
When you walk through Ferragudo, you immediately notice how many terraces there are. You can take a seat at any corner of the street or square. For example for a bica (espresso) or one of the many pastries that the Portuguese love so much.

Behind a busy square is O Barril Bar Restaurant, opposite the city park. A traditional Portuguese diner with an open kitchen. It is praised for its good value for money. There are several specialties on the menu. And if you want to sit outside, take a seat in the alley.

Flea market on the quay
Every second Sunday of the month there are stalls on the quay and blankets on the floor with basically anything and everything. Local residents have taken some of their household goods and hope to earn extra pocket money. So who knows, a second-hand Portuguese figurine or sign might be on your windowsill after the holidays.

Fort as an eye-catcher
In Ferragudo you can not only see the beautiful fort on the other side, the fishing village itself also had a gigantic fort built. The construction of this started around 1520 with only the defense tower at that time. More than 100 years later, the Forte de São João do Arade was able to guard the area from unwanted guests.

The beautiful structure is situated on a hill and is surrounded by a walled garden. Unfortunately you cannot enter, but from the outside the impressive fortress is a real eye-catcher in Ferragudo. The location is easy to find, between the beaches of Praia da Angrinha and Praia Grande.

Ferragudo beaches
Ferragudo has certainly not been skipped when the most beautiful beaches in the region were created. The largest and most famous beach has an appropriate name: Praia Grande. This wide and white sandy beach is located near the old town. It is clean, has a small playground, decent facilities and you get the view of Portimão for free!

A nice end point for the walk through the old town is Praia da Angrinha. Within walking distance to the south you will find even more nice places to sunbathe. Take Praia da Infanta, Praia do Torrado or Praia do Pintadinho. Last in line is Praia dos Caneiros, which is well hidden between the rocks.

All months of the year, the area around Ferragudo is a wonderful hiking destination. In the warm summer months, hit the road early and always bring enough water with you. For the short routes you can walk along the beaches that are close to the village. Do you really want to make a challenging trip of about ten kilometers? Then walk all the way to the next seaside town of Carvoeiro. The last part is about the cliffs.

Sunset at the lighthouse
Are you looking for an ideal place to enjoy the sunset? Then take a look at Farol da Ponta do Altar, the lighthouse that is located on a high rock just south of the village.

You can take a walk nearby, at the Caminho dos Promontórios. The long path already starts at Praia do Molhe and runs over the high cliffs. You have a great view of the surrounding bays and the sea. The long pier that you see is the point where the salty sea changes into the sweet Arade river.

Praia Grande – Ferragudo

Sequence of rocky beaches
A nice tip if you are curious about what all those beautiful bays look like from the water: book a boat trip along the coast. Looking at the horizon from the beaches is certainly special and soothing. But if you are on the water, you can admire the rocks, the beaches, the white houses and the hills in the hinterland at a glance. You even moor at beaches that are not accessible from land!

Fun activities in Ferragudo
In addition to the many beaches where you can easily spend your entire holiday, the active ones can also indulge themselves. Fishing enthusiasts throw out their fishing rod, because who knows you might catch a swordfish or other large fish. Here they swim in large numbers in the sea.

The rocks that run along the top of the beaches are also perfect for a wonderful ride on the back of a pony or horse. South of Ferragudo is a riding school that organizes rides.

Vacationers who don’t shy away from a portion of adventure can visit the Ocean Revival underwater park. This largest artificial reef in the world is located about 3.5 kilometers offshore. Divers can descend to four naval ships specially placed on the bottom. Thanks to the calm water and the mild temperature, you can go there more than 300 days a year for an unforgettable dip in the deep.