Praia do Carvoeiro is a fishermans village in the middle of the Algarve, about 50 minutes drive from Faro, and 15 minutes from Portimão. Despite the growing tourism, it has retained its original character because high-rise buildings are not allowed anywhere. The small and cozy center is located directly on the beach, which is enclosed by rock formations on both sides. There is a wide choice of restaurants, ranging from excellent to budget restaurants to suit all budgets. In the summer months there is something to do every evening in the village square, from performances for the children to music concerts and dance shows.

Carvoeiro is just one of the many coastal towns in the Algarve. But a very special one! Not only do you see the beach and the many colored boats in the majority of the travel guides, there is also a nice friendly atmosphere. Despite the fact that the former fishing village can certainly be called tourist.

The Portuguese Algarve, the most southern region in the country, is blessed with more than 200 km of coastline. Scattered over this distance you will find numerous coastal towns. Where you can eat fresh fish like the best, the center invites you to admire beautiful azulejos and the beach is the place to relax. This certainly also applies to Carvoeiro.

Carvoeiro by night

A look at Carvoeiro
We already mentioned it above; the colorful boats that characterize Carvoeiro are reflected in every travel guide. And yes, they also show off at the top of this article! You will find the boats on the beach of the fishing village, protected by rocks around.

Behind the beach, the charming center of Carvoeiro starts immediately. Because yes, despite the fact that it is a tourist village, it has retained its charm. This is partly because you will hardly find high-rise buildings. What do you find there? Nice restaurants with menus dominated by fish and feijoada. The latter is a typical regional dish with beans and often pork.

It is especially a nice place to relax and enjoy the sun, sea and fish. Anyone who wants to do something in the coastal town can admire the remains of the walls of the Nossa Senhora da Conceição fortress on top of the cliff. From here you have a direct beautiful view over the ocean and the cliffs of Cabo Carvoeiro, also known as Cape Carvoeiro.

Just outside the village you will find Algar Seco, rock formations formed by the water. You can reach the accompanying caves via a 134-step staircase. At least, in the right season … In the summer they are half under water and the caves are only accessible by boat.

Algar Seco
Algar Seco

Beach hopping in the area
With 200 km of coastline, there is not only room for coastal towns, but also for hidden bays, beautiful elongated beaches and rocky beaches. One of the most famous, Praia de Marinha, can be found near Carvoeiro.

Off the coast you will find beautiful rock formations, which are best photographed from the long wooden stairs that lead you to the beach. The golden beach invites you to spend a day doing nothing at all. It is an ideal place for families, as the beach slopes gently into the sea. And snorkeling is a popular activity there!

Discover the Algarve from Carvoeiro
The location of Carvoeiro is perfect; exactly between Lagos and Albufeira. And those are two places that you really should not miss during a holiday in the Algarve.

Lagos is, just like Carvoeiro, a coastal town not to be missed, or rather a coastal city. The cozy old center – where there is no shortage of shops, restaurants and bars – is characterized by beautiful buildings. The 12th century church is without doubt the main highlight; it is the oldest church in the whole Algarve.

Albufeira has a completely different character. It is the most popular resort on the Algarve, thanks to its liveliness. In the old center you will find cozy terraces and many shops. You reach the beach through a tunnel. The place to order a fancy cocktail. In the evening, this is especially possible on the Strip, the seaside resort’s nightlife street.